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The essence of the beloved traditional quiz was shaken up with funky, fun, interactive activities which fuelled the laughter right through the event! We raised an amazing, £800 for Keech Hospice Care which made being dressed up as an angel by my teammates justifiable!

Maggie Felmingham- Keech Hospice

In just two quizzes we've raised £936.50!

It’s a great way of us encouraging local pubs to fundraise, and increase our potential for individual fundraising within our local community.

Leah Lewis- The Pace Centre

It was a tremendous success and certainly very interactive, lively and fun.  One lady commented that it was the first quiz night her husband had ever enjoyed! 


Rachel Fowler – The Peace Hospice.   

Check out footage from a recent quiz.. As you can see, it's not your normal quiz!

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